oil mist collector

Oil mist is often formed during industrial processes and tooling which use oils and emulsifiers. Oil mist is an aggregate of tiny oil droplets, or a mixture of oil and water together, suspended in the air.

Metal working machinery commonly used in industry may heat up and vaporise the cooling medium, but the high speed tools themselves can also atomise cooling liquids, forming oil mist in many cases. When it gets into the environment or the air in the workplace this oil mist can constitute a serious hazard to health and the environment.

If it gets into the eyes, oil mist can cause conjunctivitis, if inhaled, it can cause even more dangerous illnesses, such as various pulmonary diseases and even cancer. It has also been linked with various skin conditions.

The oil collectors sold by Indufil Hungária LLC. cover a wide variety of needs in terms of both performance and air volume (2 - 56,000 m³/h), ranging from localised air extractors attached to machine tools to centralised units.

Selecting a suitable oil mist collector requires serious consideration, as efficient and economical oil mist separation is determined by numerous parameters. Many factors must be taken into account when trapping oil mist and emulsion mist, such as the type, viscosity and quantity of the cooling liquid forming the mist, the parameters of the work in progress, the dimensions of the work area, the intensity of machining, etc.

Certain types of oil mist collectors work in accordance with traditional filtration principles, where the oil droplets landing on the filter surface continuously join together and grow in size due to surface tension. When they reach a size where the pull of gravity is stronger than the force of adhesion to the filter combined with suction from the fan, the oil drops fall into a collector. Besides the above, oil mist separators/collectors can also operate on the principle of static electricity.


Properties of oil mist collector products:

Capacity: 2 - 56,000 m³/h
Efficiency: 96 - 99 %

Main fields of use:

»  metal tooling
»  mechanical engineering

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